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Phat Hoops started in 2011, we started manufacturing and selling weighted sport hoops in Clark County, Washington. Since then we have grown and now are a part of many organizations to help get everyone in our community hooping. From sponsoring the hoop contests at the Clark County Fair to working with Young Women in Action, the City of Vancouver, Battle Ground School District after school programs and many more, we have dedicated ourselves to helping others lose inches and have fun doing it. A Phat Hoop is a great addition to your excercise program, it adds variety to your workout regimen, or it's a fun way to stay more active.
Trina Latshaw


Born and raised in Vancouver. Phat hoops came to life on accident while hooping with friends.  Why not make it a workout?

Julia Bradford


Trina's middle daughter.  She has helped Phat Hoops grow and is considered our Phat Hoop professional. 

Colors of Phat Hoops


Lots of color combinations to choose from.  Everything from your favorite colors to your school colors or even your favorite team colors!

MyFit Nation Classes


Want to know where to start your Phat Hoops training class, look no further than "MyFit" (Salmon Creek WA), see Benefits page for more.

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